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We have 24 videos free for you to view at any time

Body Clock Flow

The Body Clock Flow eases you back to your natural level of vitality

Wiseones Course Content

This course is set out in screencast video format with additional downloadable / printable notes and lectures to lead you through the short study of the three age groups and a full explanation of what they are, with a comprehensive introduction to the system.

They are short and easy to watch. You can proceed as you like, pausing your study until the next opportunity and go back and re-watch if necessary.

The course also give you complete access for 1 year to the 24 Wise Ones videos so you can go back and see each video as and when you need the additional tools needed.

The total study hours of the wise ones course (without watching the individual videos ) is approximately 10 hours study time. it also includes a short marketing lecture to help you in how to build your client base if needed.

This course is ideal if you are –

  1. A fitness / yoga professional who is needs tools and information for the ever increasing senior age group class attendance
  2. An existing yoga teacher or fitness professional who wants to start to target this wise-ones group.
  3. A wise-one who wants to do a bit of investigation into what lies ahead!

The purchase fee for the Wise Ones Course Online is £125.  

This includes 1 year access to all of the videos on wiseones.net and an optional small fee at the end of that year to stay a member, which will give you access to the new videos and additions to the online trainings !

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